Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

4 Handy Tips That Will Make Packing With A Toddler Much Easier

by Jenny George

The last time you moved, there were just two of you. Now, you have a rambunctious toddler under your feet and it's slightly more difficult to get things packed. Even if you've hired a professional packing service (like Bekins Van Lines Inc), there are still going to be things you need to get done. Here are three tips that will make it easier to pack with a toddler around.

Let Them Pack Something

Toddlers love to help. Unfortunately, their version of "helping" isn't always that helpful. Let them feel useful by giving them a box of their own to pack. Put them in charge of packing one of their dresser drawers, or perhaps the kitchen cabinet that holds the plastic bowls. They'll be busy helping while you're busy working.

Leave the Toys for Last

You want to get the bedrooms packed as quickly as possible. However, if you have a toddler, you may want to save their room for last. It can be difficult for a child to understand that their prized possessions are being placed in boxes. Not only that, but you'll be taking away the things that will keep them occupied.

Leave your toddler's toys for the last possible moment. Once everything else is packed up and you're ready to leave, you can pack up the toys. You'll be ready to leave and your toddler won't need to be kept busy anymore. Another upside to packing the toys last is that they'll be the first thing to come off the truck once you arrive at your new location.

Make the Most of Naptime

There are going to be some things that you just can't get to when you have a toddler to chase after. That's when you make the most of naptime. Once your toddler goes down for their nap, use that time to pack up your fragile items that can get broken by curious hands. Naptime is also the perfect time to pack up those favorites that your little one won't want to part with.

Go Out to Eat

Packing with a toddler requires a lot of planning. You're already going to be busy with the occasional mess that requires immediate clean-up. You can alleviate one mess by eating out at least once a day while you're packing. You won't have dirty dishes to contend with while you're trying to get ready for the move.

It can be difficult to pack when you have a toddler. The simple tips provided above will make the task-at-hand a little easier for you.


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