Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

3 Ways to Make Your Move a Little Easier

by Jenny George

Packing up and moving is a bigger job than most people realize until they find themselves swimming in packing peanuts and surrounded with boxes stacked over their heads. If you don't plan for your move ahead of time, your experience will likely be one of those instances that you will look back on and wonder how you had survived. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help make your move a little more manageable and much less of a horror story.

Seriously, Get Some Help!

There are moving companies in business for good reason. These companies can make the moving process much easier for you and your family. Moving companies offer a variety of services for you to take advantage of. You can hire movers that will simply transport the contents of your home from one place to another, or go with a full-service company that will pack your things, load the truck, transport and then unload the truck at your new home.

Pack Ahead of Time

The minute you decide to move, start the packing process. Why would you start so far in advance? Well, this gives you time to sort, organize and eliminate the things that you won't really need or want in your new home.

Think about how many things you have around your home that you haven't used for months, or even years – do you really want to go through the effort and expense of packing and moving them to your new home? Now is the perfect time to donate or sell the unused items around your home. Who knows – maybe you will be able to earn enough off of selling unused items to pay for the moving service you hire to make the process easier.

Do a Walk-through

Take some time to do a walk-through of your new home to get an idea of where everything will go. You may find that some of the things that you have around your current home won't have a place in your new home. Maybe you have a sofa that is too large or an extra recliner that just won't fit into your living room.

As you walk through the new home, give each room a number and use those numbers to label the moving boxes as you pack up. When you arrive on moving day, tape the numbers on each room so that the movers or your friends helping you know exactly where to take the boxes.

Planning ahead and asking for help are the best ways to eliminate much of the stress associated with moving. Talk with your local moving company like Wheaton World Wide Moving to find out more about making your move easier for everyone involved.


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Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

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