Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

Renting A Storage Unit? Learn Packing Tips To Make The Most Of It

by Jenny George

Storage units are a great way to hang onto belongings you do not need around the house. Unfortunately, the units can be quite small unless you pay a premium for a large unit. You cannot haphazardly pack things in the unit or else you'll quickly run out of space. Follow these tips to make the most out of your storage space.

Give Yourself Room For Navigating

You may cram more things in if every nook and cranny is filled, but it will be a challenge to get to anything that is buried in the back corner. Always give yourself some room for moving around the unit.

Smaller units can have a single path that stretches to the far back of the unit, dividing it into two halves. Larger units can be divided into four quadrants that will make it easy to get to almost anything without emptying the entire storage unit.

Use Shelving When Possible

While stacking things on top of each other is the fast and simple way to organize things, it will make it challenging to access anything on the bottom later on. Consider using some shelving in your storage unit to keep boxes easily accessible. You can always repurpose your shelving later, so do not be afraid to buy something that is higher quality if the price is right.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on shelving, check your local classified ads for used shelving that people are selling. Even an old bookshelf can work if it's the right size. It does not need to look great, it just needs to be sturdy enough to hold your stuff.

Stack Boxes Properly

Not using shelving? Then you'll need to learn how to stack your boxes properly. Always make sure that your boxes are packed to the very top. Leaving a gap can cause the box to become crushed over time when another box is on top of it.

Keep your heavy boxes on the bottom and your light boxes up top. Not only does it make it easier to lift the boxes high up on a stack, but will prevent those light and fragile items from being crushed by a heavy box.

Place Large Furniture Around The Perimeter

Chances are that you will not be frequently moving furniture in and out of the unit, so put those items out of the way. Store them around the perimeter of your storage unit, and break down furniture as much as you can to conserve space.

Following these four tips will help you make the most out of your storage unit, like those at Arthur's Self Storage.


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