Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

Coping With The Sadness Of Moving

by Jenny George

Although moving to a brand new location is usually exciting, the event can be bittersweet. Leaving a place that has become familiar to you can be difficult and heartbreaking. Here are some suggestions for coping with the sadness of moving.

Take final pictures.

Indulge yourself and spend an afternoon taking a few final pictures of your favorite locations in the area you're leaving. Sometimes when you live in a place for years, you never think to take pictures of the spots you've grown fond of, because they become part of the scenery of your life. But when you move, the memories of these places will become faded over the years. If you take some pictures, it will feel like you are bringing a little bit of these things with you.

Some places and things you might like to photograph include your favorite sandwich shop, your child's elementary school, the stray dog that always seems to hang around, the bird feeder in your backyard, the view from your kitchen window or that blooming lilac bush you planted when you first moved here.

Give some gifts.

One of the hardest things to do is to move away from friends. Good friends and neighbors are hard to come by in life, and you may get teary-eyed at the thought of leaving those trusted people.

The act of giving automatically helps you to get out of the mode of feeling sorry for yourself, and instead makes you think of the other person. Spend a day making or buying some thoughtful gifts for those you have cherished most in the area you're leaving behind. Your gifts will allow loved ones to have something special and tangible for them to remember you by. They will also give you a way to express how much their friendship has meant to you over the years.

Don't say goodbye.

Instead of thinking of your move as being final, focus on the fact that you live in a modern world where travel is commonplace. No one has to say goodbye forever when one person is moving. Don't think about your move as saying goodbye. Think of it as a "see you later."

Keep reminding yourself that you'll be able to come back and visit when your resources and circumstances allow. It may be weeks, months or even years from now, but someday, if you really want to, you can return and spend precious time with the ones you thought you were leaving for good.

Be grateful for the time you've had in your old location, and remember that life is a journey. Your next step is to continue your life in your new home. You'll be able to make new friends and memories that will all weave neatly into the tapestry of your whole life. Once you've taken the time to capture some pictures and give gifts to your friends, then contact a long-distance moving service to help make the moving process even easier.


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