Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

The "Extras" Of Commercial Moving: Ask Business Movers About These Five Challenges

by Jenny George

If you are a business owner or manager needing to move your office from one place to another, you'll benefit from understanding some of the toughest aspects of scheduling and performing a commercial moving job. Take a look at this list of key considerations for tackling tough enterprise moving projects.

Business moving can be a lot more difficult than the average residential move, for many reasons. Here are some things to look out for in managing an office or business move:

Timelines for Multiple Locations

With a residential move, everything usually gets picked up from one location at once. The chronological ordering of the move is simple: show up, load everything, and take off.

With businesses, movers may have two or more locations to deal with in a particular area, or within the same property, they may have multiple buildings to clean out. All of this moving requires detailed timelines and exact schedules for getting all of the business furniture, equipment and other assets out of buildings and to a destination.

Heavy Items

Another reality with business moving is that movers may have to deal with extremely heavy items that are much bigger and bulkier than what's in the average home. For example, a legacy photocopier, a piece of industrial equipment or a business library may weigh up to several hundred pounds or more, requiring specific moving crews or handling machines.

Moving Records

Professional business movers may also have to deal with the physical migration of archives or record sets. In some industries, these items are rigidly controlled by standards: for example, in medicine, standards such as HIPAA may apply where these records need specific security during a move.


Another aspect of moving that's harder for a commercial move involves the complex IT architectures that most businesses now take advantage of for modern operations.

There are many different types of IT assets that business movers have to handle, that they would hardly ever come across in a private residence. Some of them, such as dedicated mainframe computers or data centers, maybe single floor-standing installations with a lot of parts and a lot of connections to power sources and other components.

Others, like desktop telecom systems, will be composed of a lot of different small parts and connecting cables for a wireless network. These networked components may require extra care in order to pack them up and re-create the existing assembly at the destination.

All of these challenges make it important to find a business moving company that knows how to deal with all of the complexities of helping business clients move operations from one place to another. Make sure that moving companies that you look at for business jobs have enough people and trucks, as well as strategic know-how, to make an entire moving project effective.

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Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

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