Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

Make Your Move a Stress-Free Success

The Not-So-Obvious Costs Of Boat Storage

by Jenny George

Putting your boat in storage comes with costs that you need to consider. New owners may consider the price of storage, but not the price of the things that come along with storage. Here are some of the main ones.

Boat covers – If you plan to store your boat in your backyard, then you'll have to get a boat cover. If you look around, you'll probably notice that these covers can vary widely in price. You might think that any one will do, but that's not the case. Your boat cover is a serious investment.

You typically have three options for covering your boat.

  • Get a durable cover made from a strong water-resistant fabric
  • Get a shrink-wrap cover for your boat
  • Get a custom cover made for your boat specifically

If you cover your boat improperly or cheaply, you will open your boat up to damage from the elements and mildew from the moisture.

Winterization and de-winterization – Before you can store a boat, you have to winterize it. Winterization involves a series of maintenance routines to make sure that your boat doesn't rust, collect moisture, or take damage while it's stored. Keeping your boat and its internal components safe costs money. It also costs money to dewinterize the boat and launch it when you're ready for the boating season.

Insurance – Some places don't require you to have insurance while your boat is in storage. However, you should keep in mind that accidents can still happen, even in a trusted storage facility. There are a few options you can take advantage of, but it's best to speak to your insurance company about what would work best.

Year-round coverage often takes seasonal vehicles into account. But your insurance company may have special provisions or prices available for your particular situation. Just remember that you should definitely have some kind of insurance on your boat.

Logistics – How will you move your boat? How long do you need to travel to it and from it? Will you pay for winterization maintenance or do it yourself? The logistics involved are just as much a part of the storage process.

For example, if you're storing it yourself, you need to have the boat lifted and hitched. You will then need to travel with the boat to wherever you plan to store it. That whole process is littered with hazards that can cost you. You'll have to reverse the process when it's boating season again.

Try an Indoor Storage Facility

Your best bet is to use a self-storage solution that specifically caters to boats. This will allow you to take advantage of inside storage. Indoor storage will help your boat cover do what it's supposed to do.

Since your boat cover won't have to protect the boat against weather, it can do more to keep the boat dry and free of oxidation. Keeping the boat indoors will also help to maintain efficacy of your winterization methods. Your boat won't have to contend against ice buildup or contaminants creeping in under the boat cover.

An indoor facility can also help with your insurance. Since you should keep some coverage, you might pay even less if you use an indoor facility. That's because a safe facility will help to keep your boat free from things like vandalism. 

Look into storage facilities like Epic Group Inc to see if there's a unit that can keep your boat safe.


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